Ensuring the level of quality that our clients expect, and, of course, guaranteeing 100% the safety of our products, have always been the main goal of PERICHAN.

Therefore, we ensure our production and our processes beyond what the national and European legislation establishes, submitting our production and packaging processes to external audits, under the more demanding and recognized quality certifications at the international level.


GLOBALG.A.P. is a private entity that establishes voluntary regulations through which agricultural products may be certified throughout the world. The members of GLOBALG.A.P. include retailers, producers and other members associated with agricultural activity.

The GLOBALG.A.P. regulation was designed primarily to give the consumer confidence about the way crops production is carried out: by promoting the Best Agricultural Practices worldwide, minimizing the damaging impact of the exploitation on the environment, reducing the use of chemical consumption and ensuring responsible conduct in the health and safety of the workers.


This regulation is primarily focused on the control of the processes and conditions of selection, packing and storage of food products, ensuring the commitment to food safety and legality of the product, guaranteeing to the retailer the specified product under the compliance with legal requirements and covering the areas of quality, hygiene and safety of the product of the entire food industry.

The certification in this regulation requires the adoption and application of a system of hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP), an effective and documented system of quality management and the control of the environmental regulations for factories, products, processes and personnel.

IFS REGULATION (International Food Standard)

IFS is a Regulation developed by a wide international working group and promoted first by the HDE-Hauptverband des Desutschen Einzelhandels e. V. (German Retailers’ Federation) and the FCD-Fédération des entreprises du commerce et de la Distribution (French Federation of Retail and Distribution Companies), and, like the above, it is supported currently by a large number of distributors at the international level.

With the implementation of this regulation we seek to offer the high degree of transparency that our clients require from us regarding the finished products and raw materials, so that we guarantee them that we are capable of supplying a safe product according to the specifications and to the current legislation.


As a necessary complement to the compliance with the above certifications, PERICHAN has implemented throughout its entire production chain (from the field to the store) procedures through which we control and identify the product in all the stages of its production, registering all its processes, thus being capable of identifying the specific origin of each batch of our products, offering the consumer absolute confidence and tranquility with the foods that we produce.